6 Great Technologies To Look Forward To

Most people do not know what printed circuit boards are, but when it is explained to them they are often in awe over its ingenuity. Despite the small size of a printed circuit board, these green little chips are often the sole reason humans are able to communicate with one another. Printed circuit boards were one of the many reasons why the American army succeeded in a number or their wars, and still are today. Without being able to program circuit board designs, the world would be at a loss and most likely set back by a hundred years. The following is a list of 5 PCB-inspired technologies used in the army.


Although drones are significantly new to the modern world, their inventions and usage have actually been around for decades. While drones are now used by artists to take pictures at alarming heights and film gorgeous shots, they are used by the army for other reasons. Mainly, drones are used to record information or drop hazardous materials onto enemies. On a lighter note, however, drones are also used to pinpoint the location of lost soldiers and send them water and food until help arrives.

Fly-by-Wire Technologies

Fly-by-wire technologies are a great invention for the army and people of the world alike. This is because it allows people to send computer generated signals to other aircrafts and actually move their mechanisms. This is especially important when planes and aircrafts malfunction and need instant guidance from nearby peers. Having fly-by-wire technologies can be a matter of life and death, especially when used in the army.

Missiles and Space Weapons

As modern technology advances, so do the feuds between countries. While America may hold a great number of technological warfare, so do countries like Japan, Russia, and North Korea. For the most part, the word is safe from missiles and space weapons, but they aren’t far away from them. Due to printed circuit boards, countries have developed the tools to plant missiles in space, and can have them set up for attack should they be given a good enough reason.


Although submarines have been present in war for centuries, they weren’t always as comfortable and tech-savvy as today. Thanks to advancement in the circuit board design industry, submarines are now able to easily contact their bases and exchange information — a problem that they were never able to previously master.


Although cell phones are used by the entire world, they weren’t always available to society. In fact, before cellphones were given to the click here population they were strictly used by soldiers fighting wars. Printed circuit boards allowed soldiers to record information and send it back to their bases, as well as communicate with their sergeants.

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